Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Max's Star War's Birthday Party / June 2015

When Max's mom contacted me to plan a Star Wars party for his 5th birthday I jumped at the opportunity - (my husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan)!



Upon arriving, the potential Padawans received a Jedi robe and their 
Jedi Training Academy name tag.  

The female Padawans also received Princess Leia headbands.

Mission One: Create an R2 Unit

Once all of the guests arrived, the young Padawans were asked to complete their first mission of the day - to create their very own R2 Unit by assembling the provided parts.

Mission Two:  Complete Physical Readiness Test

Each young Padawan completed the obstacle course testing their speed (hula hoop obstacle), agility (cross the lava field), balance (ping pong ball balance) and quick thinking (avoiding storm trooper laser beams).  

Mission Three:  Lightsaber Training

Prior to starting Lightsaber Training, the young Padawans had to take an oath -

A Jedi uses the force
For knowledge and defense
Never for attack
If I disobey these rules, my lightsaber
I'll give back!

Upon taking the oath, they received their lightsabers and learned a series of moves.

Mission Four:  The Final Mission - To Defeat the Dark Side

During lightsaber training, we sensed a "disturbance in the Force" - Darth Vader!  To become a Jedi - the young Padawans had to confront the Dark Side and battle Darth Vader!

Mission Complete!

The Padawans turned away from the Dark Side and showed they were worthy to receive the teachings of a Jedi.  They successfully completed Jedi training and graduated from Jedi Training Academy!

May the Force be with you, always.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Art Party Birthday / May 30, 2015

The birthday girl has a love for all things art related, and wanted a fun party theme. We thought an art theme was the prefect choice - full of lots of hands on arts and crafts to celebrate her 8th birthday.  A rainbow color palette was selected  - from the invitations, to the decor and cake, we put the ART in PARTY!

When the girls arrived, they found their spot at the table and let their creative juices flow

Using creativity and artistic skills they decorated and colored their doodle frames.

After all the guests arrived, the girls got to work painting their mermaid masterpiece.

While we waited for their paintings to dry, the girls had fun in the photo booth .............

And enjoyed some yummy snacks - fruit kabobs, rice krispie treat paint brushes and a color palette cookie cake.  

All the girls left with a personalized cup, freshly popped popcorn and a one-of-a-kind mermaid masterpiece!